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The Disappearance of Childhood book

The Disappearance of Childhood by Neil Postman

The Disappearance of Childhood

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The Disappearance of Childhood Neil Postman ebook
Page: 192
Format: pdf
Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780307797223

From the author's title and reading the prologue I had a very good either about what the book was about. Postman, author of insightful books such as Amusing Ourselves to Death and The Disappearance of Childhood, stretches our minds again in this volume. The End of Education by Neil Postman. And I just don't mean 5-year-olds wearing flappers and wigs. When I was 12, boys were still icky. Can't Tell Right from Wrong), Neil Postman (The End of Education, Amusing Ourselves to Death, The Disappearance of Childhood), Diane Ravitch, Thomas Sowell (Conflict of Visions), and Jacques Barzun (Begin Here). Therefore, with this intention in the back of my mind I picked up Neil Postman's “Disappearance of Childhood”. Another cardinal theme in his work is the effect of media on childhood. Why are 12-years-olds exposed to sex so early? Are we witnessing the disappearance of childhood?